How We Work

Customers First

We employ the latest Customer Acquisition and Conversion strategies to maximize your digital impact and increase profitability.

At Evolution Digital, we know that your success is our success. We are dedicated to using all of our resources to ensure the best possible results for all of our clients. For all projects, standard services include:

  • Design campaigns collaboratively with the client; you know your customers, we know how to reach them.
  • Determine success metrics based on campaign goals. Clear goals at the onset are key to a successful campaign.
  • Implement and closely monitor all campaigns.
  • Measure success. We keep a keen eye on the success of a campaign, determine what works best, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Provide you with a direct customer feedback loop, the best way to get insight into what your customers think about your product or service.


Digital Strategy

We will customize a digital strategy based on your business goals and budget, whether you are building a website for the first time or wish to optimize an existing site.

The goal of Digital Strategy is to provide your business with an actionable plan for your digital marketing, targeting well-defined customer segments within specific channels. We develop a strategy to build awareness, increase traffic, provide product and/or service differentiation, and to meet measurable business objectives.

We have deep expertise in Digital Strategy and Marketing, and a passion for growing small business. Our goal is to evolve and grow along with our clients, using all of the tools in our digital toolbox to build your business and grow your brand.

A good digital strategy follows structure, people and ideas with an outcome of profit and ROIs. Without digital strategy, a company can end up with disparate marketing ideas that aren’t working together and without return being measured. A solid digital strategy provides a roadmap for digital marketing, clear marketing goals, and the metrics upon which success will be measured. This is an important first step in putting together a digital plan that will grow with your business.

The Evolution Digital team will work with the client and/or agency to develop a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy, including:

  • Search Marketing Strategy
    • Organic search
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Link Building
    • Paid search strategy (Google AdWords)
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Community building
    • Conference strategy
    • Recruitment strategy
  • Newsletter Strategy


…And that’s not all! Contact us to discuss Digital Marketing Strategies to help your business to gain the competitive advantage by reaching target customers and influencers in the most cost-effective manner.


Implementation Management

Strategy is only the beginning.  Once a plan is in place, SJ Digital can help manage the implementation process with your in-house team, existing vendors or with our partners.

Good strategy means nothing unless it is properly executed. Once a strategy is in place, we will work with your in-house or agency vendors to provide implementation and project management. Don’t have an in-house Marketing team? SJ Digital can provide full Project Management services, by working with our own trusted team of Partners.

Services include:

  • Define Project Goals, Timeline, Budget and key milestones.
  • Hold regular progress meetings.
  • Coordinate Project communications and deadlines.
  • Manage sitemap and wireframes.
  • Work with developers on Content Management Solution (CMS) implementation.

Applying our experience in managing website launches and redesigns, Project Management services are available to coordinate all internal and external resources working on the project. Our experience working with the technical team, content producers, graphic designers and other digital resource providers will ensure your project comes in on time and within budget.