Driving Traffic to Your Social Media

Why do we need social media, anyway? Here’s a brief historyAt Evolution Digital, we always say, “You can have the best website in the world, but unless people know it’s there… it won’t be noticed.” It used to be easy; recommend simple search engine optimization and the direct aid, business profile internet listings. Now, we’re evolving again.


Although there are still a ton of small business websites that are not properly optimized for search engines, it’s becoming more widely known that it’s key to successful online marketing. SEO is becoming easier for small business owners – there are a ton of companies that offer auto-generated keywords as a part of optimization. Although we don’t recommend going that route, basic SEO is better than no SEO if you want to stay competitive. The same is true for digital profile building. Companies are offering auto-generated profiles, sharing your business information across internet directory listing websites.


What does this mean, exactly? It means Content and Social Media Strategies are more important than ever. You build customer engagement by providing fresh, relevant content about your business with a direct link to drive traffic to your website, converting to sales – which is what you ultimately wanted, right? In fact, there are more and more businesses that conduct their entire business via Facebook. Either way, this is your chance to personally connect with your customers and drive them to sales. But now here’s the thing: You’re already having trouble driving traffic to your website – how will you do it for your social media? It bears repeating –  The best posts in the world won’t get noticed unless folks know they’re there. A couple of suggestions for building a following on a fresh, new social media page:


Friends & Family Plan

Invite your friends and family to ‘like’ the page or connect with the specific social account. Most algorithms are based on activity and interest, so your social account is more likely to be recommended to the community if others in the area are ‘liking’ it. Besides, what are friends for?


It’s Nice to Share

You don’t have to blow up the internet,  but pick a few of your best posts and share to your personal page, with an invitation to share or engage in some other way. It reminds your community that the page (and your business!) is still kickin’.


Grass Roots

Don’t be ashamed to put digital icons on print. Especially if you are a brick and mortar business, or if you are hosting a large event. Have plenty of signage up letting others know that you can be found on social. Or, take it a step further with a call-to-action such as ‘Check-in’ or ‘Let us know how we did’ (if you’re encouraging reviews). Take it another step further and offer the chance to receive something free or discounted when they ‘check in’.  


Encourage Engagement

Leave your posts with an open-ended question, a quiz, or something that requires personal action to engage with your account. Again, the activity on the account will speed up your organic growth.


Tag – You’re It!

Create posts that give you the opportunity to tag someone, like photos or comments. If it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the friends of tagged person(s) will see this activity – and people love to share photos/posts of themselves!


Booster Club

Boost a few of your ads if you can. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to customize the amount. Make it count, though. This is a chance to introduce the page to people who have no idea you exist. Let them know who you are in one image or enough to reel them in to learn more.


There you have it!  Keep in mind that posting something is better than nothing and keep it going!