Why Marketing Is a Must

Companies of all sizes tend to run the business through the responsibilities of various departments. Chances are, each department has a large workload and a budget to reflect their perceived importance. When budgets are tight, which department is first to get their budget slashed? More than likely, it’s the Marketing department. Many managers fail to recognize the importance of the Marketing department; they do not see Marketing as a primary component to a successful business. When the Marketing budget is cut, the business will not do nearly as well. Fact is, Advertising and Marketing are a must in every business plan – they are probably doing more for your business than you realize. Here is what you may have overlooked:



  • Your business creates or distributes amazing products or offers meaningful services and experiences. You know this. Let everyone else know too. The main drive of the Marketing department is to educate your customers on what you have to offer. What makes your business special and unique? Why would someone choose to give you their business? They may not even be aware your business exists, or what it does. Additionally, many niche products or services require literal education for your consumers.



  • Along with education comes attraction. Yes, you can provide all the education required and more, but consumers will move right past if there aren’t a few bells and whistles to catch their eye. If the consumers don’t even know you exist, they will not consider you at all.



  • Our economy is generally operated as a free enterprise society, allowing you the freedom to run your business as you choose. Just remember, the other guys have the same freedom, and you can bet that they are utilizing Marketing, digital and otherwise!


Today’s consumers have more options than ever. Educate your consumers about your business to earn a place in this mass competition.


One last thing to remember: If your business isn’t large enough to support a full-time Marketing department, a Marketing Agency can be the perfect solution!