The Stay at Home Marketing Department

Thank you, internet. You’re allowing the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and provide myself with income. It’s great – in fact, there are countless opportunities to work online from home, as Pinterest and many bloggers have let you in on. Articles and lists have been made of suggesting home-based businesses. One thing they forgot to tell you about… how do you market your business? Speaking as a small business owner with a Marketing and Advertising background,  please read these very basic tools and take a step toward marketing success:


Get found.

Put your mind in that of your consumer. What’s the nature of your business? Where would people go to find your product or service… wherever it is- get there! Occupy that entire space if you can. If it’s homemade crafts, get on Etsy. If it’s rebuilt motors, get on Ebay- just to name a few.


Understand the marketing evolution, then adapt.

I’m talking about the concept as a whole. Right now the internet and digital space are fruitful but will it always be? Be open to what is happening around you and be prepared to strike while the iron is hot.. or even before. Take Social Media, get ahead of the curve and implement social outlets that are proven to be up and coming and of course those which are booming.


Plan and budget.

A business is s business no matter how small. So the concept still applies- it takes money to make money. Set a realistic budget for your business but not before creating a timeline and strategy to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.


Never stop marketing.

Satisfied with the amount of business you have? Great, so lessen your marketing efforts, but never stop. You still need to maintain awareness and let your customers know you are always interested in their business.


Don’t be shy, ask for help.

A little overwhelmed with the idea of marketing? Administer outside help for various projects- graphic designers, financial help or even a Marketing Agency to get yourself started.