The Midwest Perspective: Ideal for National Marketing Campaigns

Why the Midwest?

Marketing a local product, service or business is a no-brainer for the local marketing agency. They know their audience and understand the supply and demand of the area. But what if you are looking to take your business national? Is your agency in New Jersey going to understand how to reach the people in Oregon? The U.S. boasts an array of personalities, religions, traditions and more. You need to have knowledge of all the target demographics, and relate to them where they live, geographically and metaphorically. Here’s why the Midwest offers the perspective you need to take your business national:


  • We are right in the middle. Situated smack in the middle of the country, we often encounter people from the surrounding territories, bringing us into contact with an array of personalities. Being that it snows a minimum of four months a year, Midwest folk tend to do a lot of traveling. With much of the country geographically accessible, we have lots of options. This travel allows us to shop at your stores, eat at your restaurants, and take advantage of the services you offer. We experience the different demographics and personally interact with your citizens and, ultimately, national consumers.


  • We experience all four seasons. Yep, along with the weird weather and inconsistent temperature changes that happen in-between.  We know what it’s like to live in all weather conditions (sometimes in the same day!) We know the bitter and sweetness inherent to each season. We do the activities each season calls for, from snowblowing to pool cleaning. The activities – and products – that involve weather are something we are quite familiar with.


  • We are a mix of rural and urban population. There is plenty of big and small cities here. Our home, Michigan, has small farming towns as well as the big guys like Grand Rapids and Detroit. Our workforce consists of people who come from both backgrounds and understand the perks of living the small town life in the big city. As many folks from these parts, we have also moved away – and come back – so we have lived all over the U.S.


  • We understand the industry. We do. The Midwest has its own melting pot of industry. Partially due to the aforementioned four seasons, as well as the urban/rural population mix. We are farmers, nature caretakers, tourist services, manufacturers. Chances are, we have at least a general knowledge of your field of business.